Selbo Therapeutics is a medical, therapeutic and relaxation massage office that offers various massage modalities and techniques. We also offer moist heat packs, ice packs and topical analgesics as needed throughout the session.

Although our therapists give an amazing relaxation massage, our office specializes in massage focusing on chronic pain management, rehabilitation post surgery, headaches, neck injuries, TMJ issues, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, carpel tunnel, back pain, tendonitis, arthritis, pulled muscles, hip, knee, ankle injuries, foot pain,  plantar fasciitis, boost your immune system and much more.

We pride our selves on our amazing customer service. Our front desk staff is very welcoming and friendly, while our therapists listen to their client’s needs, educate and customize each massage session appropriately.

Whether you are looking to come in to rejuvenate and relax or have a more specific goal in mind, we are here to help!

Selbo Therapeutics is located at 12008 Melody Dr. Westminster, CO 80234

Call today to make an appointment:
(303) 255-1047